Lesson goal: Draw with cubes

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In a previous lesson, you did some drawing with spheres. You can also draw here with cubes (sort of like Minecraft...we guess).

Also, remember, you are coding now. You can use for-loops and such to draw lots of cubes; they don't have to be placed one at a time. See example #4.

Move the mouse over a dotted box for more information.

You can find a list of color codes here. The 3D drawing area will appear under your code-editor. You might have to scroll down to see it.

Now you try. Fill in a x,y,z and width, length, and height of your cube.

Type your code here:

See your results here:

This code will not run!

  • Fill in $(x,y,z)$ coordinates of the cube, then a width, length, and height. To start out, keep all numbers between 0 and 10 or so.

  • Also, your cube might just look like a square (as you are looking at it head-on). To see the cube, you'll have to move the camera and/or light source around a little bit.
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