Lesson goal: Learn to draw simple computer graphics

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In math, you'll learn about the Cartesian Coodinate System, which is a graphical method of showing (x,y) points. The x and y axes cross at x=0 and y=0, or (0,0), which is called the origin. X-values extend in the positive direction toward the right, and negative values are toward the left. Y-values extend positive upward, and negative downward.

You can practice seeing where (x,y) points fall using this lesson. The two line statements in the code box will draw the x and y axes. Try plotting some points using the pset function, as in pset(5,5) or pset(-30,20). Use a lot of pset statement to better understanding where points of a given (x,y) pair will appear.

Now you try. Plot some points using pset(x,y).

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