Lesson goal: Data science: Some challenges with CO2 data

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If you followed all of the lessons to this point, you now know how to use a multi-column CSV (comma separated value) file of data. Here are some challenges for you to try on the file co2.csv. Good luck. Some of our code, that will answer these questions can be found in the examples.


  • In what years was the CO$_2$ concentration 357? (Ans: 1993, 1994)
  • What is the average CO$_2$ concentration from 1958 - 2017? (Ans: 352.05)
  • What was the average CO$_2$ concentration in the 1980s? (Ans: 344.8)
  • What year saw the largest increase in CO$_2$ concentration relative to the year before it? (Ans: 1999)
  • How many years was the CO$_2$ concentration in the 350s? (Ans: 8)

And note: Yes! You are finally doing some data science! Good for you!

Now you try. See if you can write code that will answer these challenges.

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