Lesson goal: Data Science: Visualize your data with a plot

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Probably one of the most important aspects of data science is in visualizing data. This means: to make a plot (or graph) out of it.

Since charts are made of rows of data, arrays will be a natural way of holding and presenting your data to the chart drawing function. In the simplest case, a chart has two rows, one for the $x$, or horizontal axis, and one for $y$, or the vertical axis.

There is one little issue here: the sample.dat file only contains one column of numbers. What do we do about the other column? Make it up! We'll put the actual data on the y-axis, and make up the x-axis to just be the data point's position in the file (1,2,3,...)

To make the plot, we'll use drawchart which works like this:
Move the mouse over a dotted box for more information.

A chart will always appear at the very bottom of the browser window. You might have to scroll down to see it.

Now you try. Visualize your data in a graph!

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