Lesson goal: Make it snow

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One of the classic graphics jobs is to make it "snow" on the screen. This is done with a for loop counting to around 100 or 1000 or so, then plotting a dot at a random position on the screen each time. Review how to find a random number before proceeding, in case you forgot.

Now you try. Try fixing the for statement to do a proper count from 1 to some number, then fix the math.random statements.

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This code will not run. You have to fix the for i=1, do statement to have a maximum value to count to (try 100). Next, you have to set lower and upper limits for the math.random statements for the x= and y= lines. Hint: On the graphics screen, goes from about -220 to +220, and y goes from -115 to +115. Dismiss.
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