Lesson goal: Draw with markers

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In the lesson on markers, you saw how setmarker could be used to place a famous red Google Markers on a map. We just want to remind you in this lesson, that you have a whole programming language behind you. So instead of one marker, let's draw a whole series of markers on the map.

In this lesson, see if you can draw a marker, every $10^\circ$ (in longitude) around the equator. Hint: the latitude of the equator is $0^\circ$, and the whole world extends from $-180^\circ$ to $180^\circ$ in longitude.

When done, repeat but for every $10^\circ$ in latitude along the Prime Meridian.

Now you try. Fill in some the lat= line and fix the for-loop (in longitude) to draw markers all the way around the globe, along the equator.

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This code will not run! You have to fill in the lat= line, determine a range of longitudes, and figure out what map center you want in the drawmap() line. Dismiss.
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