Lesson goal: Graphing compound inequalities (y vs. x)

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After this lesson, hopefully you see how easy it is for a computer to show you the collection of points on a cartesian coorinate system that satisfy an inequality. Typically after these, you move on to compound inequalities, which as you to find the collection of points that satisfy 2 or more inqualities.

This is once again, very straightfoward to do on a computer, with only a small "tweak" to the last lesson.

We again focus on the if statement, only instead of putting in a single inequality, we put in as many as we wish and join them with and or or statements, as discussed in this lesson.

Now you try. Put some inequality to test in the if statement.

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The code here will not run. But suppose as an example you want to find the region that satisfies $4y< x-6$ and $x+y>7$. What would you put in as the question to ask in the if statement? See the hint if you get stuck. Dismiss.
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