Lesson goal: Playing notes

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Frequencies for sounds can be inconvenient to figure out, as in the last lesson. So, we also have a function called music() that allows you to play sequences of notes, referenced by their name, like C, A, or Bb (B "flat").
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In sum, just put a bunch of notes in a string, and separate each by a comma. There are a few special cases of the "notes" too:
  • Ln, where n is a number (like 0.1, 1, 0.05, etc.) specifying how long (in seconds) the notes that follow should be held for. Example: music("L0.1,A,B,C,L0.5,A,B,C")
  • On, where n is a number (0, 1, 2..8), and "O" is an "oh" (not a zero). The number you put in for n stands for an octave that all subsequent notes should be drawn from. Middle C is in octave 4. Example:
  • Pn, where n is the number of seconds to pause for (this would be a "rest" in music). Example:

Now you try. Try writing some simple songs!

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