Lesson goal: Read all data from a file

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In the last lesson, you learned how to read a line from a data file. But wait! Often data files can contain 100s, 1000s, or even millions of lines of data! How do we get to them all?

You'll still use file_read, but now you have to use a bit of your programming logic (and a while loop):
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Now, here's the logic. The return from file_read is stated to be false if 'something went wrong.' What could go wrong? Plenty, but here, all that can really happen is that you try to read more data than the file has to offer. We can use this false return value to read all data from sample.dat. How?

How about use a while-loop, and keep it reading line after line, until file_read returns a false?

Now you try. Fill in the data = ??? and the while data ~= ??? do lines. See if you can print all data in the sample.dat file.

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