Lesson goal: Reading all data from a file

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In the last lesson, you learned how to read all lines of data from a file using a while-loop.

While loops are always funny, in that depending on conditions of your code, the loop may not be executed at all. For example, consider this:

while x < 5 do

Here the while-loop will never be entered, since x<5 is false, because x=5 just before the while-loop is encountered.

In our data reading loop, we had to set data = true before the while-loop, to get it started. Yes, while-loops need to be "primed" or they may not run. In the last lesson, setting data=true "primed" the while loop properly.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a looping structure that always ran at least once, with no priming required? There is! It's called the repeat-until loop. Let's try it.
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Here, let's try using a repeat-until-loop, and keep reading line after line, until file_read returns a false?

Now you try. Fill in the ??? in the until ??? line with a suitable condition that will print all data in the sample.dat file.

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