Lesson goal: Polynomials multiplied by a monomial

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In the last lesson, you saw how the algebra function knows how to crunch algebraic symbols (x, y, z, etc.) for you, in figuring out exponents.

Let's use this more now to multiply a polynomial by a monomial, and practice the distributive property of multiplication. This means doing problems like $-x(x^2-4)$ or $-5u(u^2+4)$.

Now you try. Try some problems out of your math book!

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This will find the answer to $(x+2)^2$.

You can try all kinds of expression with this (ones you wouldn't dare do by hand), like:

  • $7y(y^2-y+5)$
  • $4x(-2x)(x^2-1)$
  • $4y^2(2x-4y)$
  • $2x(x^2-2x+8)$
  • $5u^4(2u^3-3u+3)$
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