Lesson goal: Raising polynomials to some power

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In the previous lesson, you saw how the algebra function knows how to crunch algebraic symbols (x, y, z, etc.) for you, in figuring out exponents.

Let's use this more now to raise polynomials to a power. Remember, for instance the F.O.I.L. method (first, outer, innner, last)? This allows you to handle something like $(x+a)^2$, which is $(x+a)(x+a)$, which comes out to be $x^2+2a+a^2$.

The algebra function allows you to handle F.O.I.L. problems, and then some. Give it a try below.

Now you try. Try raising some polynomials to a power. Get some problems out of your math book if you can't think of any.

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